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Nerf Party

Party Information

Our 1,200+ ft. sq. indoor nerf arena is the perfect place to hold your Nerf Wars birthday party!

You don't need to bring anything except grit and determination as you enter "Battlefield Tokyo". Nerf parties include all blasters and darts including both standard nerf darts as well as the exciting Nerf Rivals rounds.

No need to worry about rain, dirt, or heat ruining your fun - this fully enclosed indoor Nerf arena guarantees your party will be a hit!

Parties last 2 hours which includes about 90 minutes of instruction and gameplay on the battlefield. You will have access to your own spacious private party room and we will provide drinks and pizza for the party guests.

Book Your Party Now

Shoot us an email or give us a call at 727-601-1876 to book your Nerf Wars birthday party now.